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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> at the restaurant where the patio meets, we had all the components in this area for freezers and in this area for trash. and that remains in that area. we may find we have to expand it a little bit or something like that, but that is where it will be. it will be treated as a trash area per the building code and we will remove all odors to the path. commissioner miguel: thank you. with respect to the neighbors' conditions, i think that if we work from the bottom up, the review we're seeing seems to be a consensus to report back to planning staff in one year and
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during that period the neighbors have every opportunity to contact staff if there are issues. right. so we'll inchewed that i think and -- we'll include that. there hasn't been a motion yet. i am just going through this and somebody can do that. as far as plans being able to be reviewed, there's always this issue between the planning department and the building depa sanchez, in planning.
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we could also add a voting station. -- a routing station for us to check the consistency. commissioner sugaya: could we include that also? i know of certain situations where plants have gone to the building department and building department has basically taken control of it, so to speak, and did not follow the plans approved by the commission. i think the sound insulation is clearly marked on the plans we have posted on the skylights. the walls have an sfc rating, or whether the designation is. i assume those ratings are high enough that noise transfer would be at the minimal level, i would pick. that should be looked at, i
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think. planning staff, if you could pay attention to that when the plants get routed back. let's see. the roof -- i think commissioner miguel or antonini noted that if we could take that into consideration, it would be some kind of earthy color. i do not think they serve alcohol. but i think any alcohol situation would come back to us anyway. not necessarily? vice president miguel: wine and beer as of right now. commissioner sugaya: i think it has also been said that skylights and windows are going to be fixed so that cannot be opened. trash -- have a required other restaurants to market on the sidewalk?
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president olague: not that i remember. >> there is and the dixon -- an existing condition in your motion that deals with that. commissioner sugaya: ok. i think as far as the neighbors getting plants, is there some not vacation from building that could be done, that they would receive plans and could take a look at them? >> i am from the department's staff. typically, there is nothing in place that would require that. >> my understanding is that even the plans that you have today -- i am wondering if there is a way for them to receive the plans you have, rather than the construction drawings, which are a little more awkward. is there some way to receive the plans we have today? we could use those as a basis
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for further discussion. commissioner sugaya: for one thing, the plan submitted to the building are public record. i think the issue is when did they get submited and how do they know when they get submitted. do you have an answer for that? >> normally, the public gets a notice when they get a 312. there are no plans on file. we are asking that the staff provide them when they get them. just let us know. let people know about it and talk to them. there really are no plans on file, as of today. commissioner sugaya: thank you. mr. sanchez, can you supply plans to people? >> diego sanchez, planning. as far as the previous
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conditions of approval, we would regret the plants back to planning so step could conserve that. before we issued a permit, we could potentially hold the permit at that stage for 15 days, of which point staff would contact members of the public who are interested for them to come into the planning department and review the plans there. if that is acceptable, we can do that. commissioner sugaya: aren't these plants on line? >> yes. those of an online at least a week. -- those have been online at least a week. commissioner sugaya: if more plans come back and you could notify the neighborhood people who are interested, that would be great with those conditions, -- that would be great.
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with those conditions, i will move to approve the project. commissioner antonini: second. commissioner moore: there could be blocked notification where members could get a ddi -- dbi notice. when the case file shows up, people can go to the web site, link to dbi, and see the plans as that are submitted. i will ask planning to submit block notification to the people for consent. that is at least how it is described in other situations. >> what the data suggested is very similar to our current process. typically, that request for notice is established by an individual or neighborhood group in advance.
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o we are offering is to do that for this project in particular and to notify the people we know what to be notified. it is on the filing of a building permit application that we noticed the neighbors. they did not have 10 days to come and comment or review on the permit. commissioner moore: there is a wide variety of circumstances in which we do the same. we often approve something which we describe in words without the plans in front of us exactly showing what we are approving or what may mean in words. that leaves a lot of vagueness and risk for those people who are on the receiving end of something they are having concerns about. i think we might have to move more deliberately into an area where we are reviewing project which indeed show drawings which are more commensurate with what we would be approving.
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in this case, i would say the external appearance of how this thing looks like from the concerned neighbor side is almost completely left out. we do not really know what it looks like, which means the project has to be explained a little bit more extensively in order for us to really know what we are building. that is not such a complicated situation, but there are other areas where we are really approving words, or the intent of words. i would like to in general suggest that we ask for projects to be taken at least to an explicit set of drawings so we would know what we are approving. that would be finishes, how exactly it looks when it faces the market street side. i can imagine what it looks like, but i cannot say for sure.
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there are a bunch of questions which remain open. president olague: i feel like we are actually holding this product sponsor to a higher standard than we hold other project sponsors, and i am frustrated. i rarely get this frustrated in these conversations. when this product came before us over a month ago, we asked that the project sponsor consider in closing the patio in the back. i think that is what they did. frequently, we will have a d r -- a dr. we will have a project that will continue. they will fulfill a request and come back and fill the request and we are happy with it. instead, i think we are second- guessing and demanding stuff from this project sponsor that i frankly do not robert ever
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commanding of product sponsors who have made this kind of request. usually, if we make a request and report the sponsor fulfills this request -- as i said with a hundred 99 valencia, i did request certain things of that project. -- as i said with 199 valencia, i did request things of that project. they came back with a much better design and i remember seeing. with this, we asked if there could be a roof so it was not an open patio. we have had this sitting on line for a week. now i am hearing is not good enough. i do not think anything is ever going to be good enough, quite frankly. it is coming before us as a conditional use because it is for miller retail. no one is hiding the fact that it is formula retail. it is right on the product description. sometimes, i think, in the middle -- in the mission
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district, it used to be a taylor shoe store. this is a better use. there are people from latin american countries that have a certain familiarity with this business. i think that are going to frequent it because the price point is something that latino families and others can afford. it is not a high-end restaurant like some of the other restaurants we have seen on valencia and mission street, and that area. it is actually a place where families can go, not drink up a whole, because none of the restaurants serve up a call. -- not drink alcohol because none of the restaurants serve alcohol. they do not sell alcohol. it is not in their business plan. i have not seen it. i do not think they will.
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they will probably sell certain types of fruit drinks and whatever. they have salads and skinless chicken in addition to fried chicken. based on the demand of the public, they have decided to provide a healthy menu option, which i think all san francisco restaurant should do. some are starting to. this is going to be a full- service restaurant selling chicken, some salads, that would be affordable to families. some families of latin american heritage might be particularly warm to the idea because it is something their families might remember from wherever it is they came from. there is another restaurant a lot of filipino families i know frequent that is also considered fast food. the families enjoy going there because it reminds them
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sentimentally of their homes where they come from. i do not think there is anything wrong with that. there is plenty of conditions of approval in here. garbage -- i live in an ok area. there are high and cafes, high and restaurants near me. -- high-and cafes, high-and restaurants near me. -- high-end cafes, height and restaurants near me. i get biodegradable bags in my front yard. i do not like that either. i am not sure what the implications are, what the nation of the business -- not that because of the nature of the business people who go to the restaurant will be more inclined to trash the neighborhood? i do not appreciate the in plant -- the implications of that. just like any restaurant, there
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are conditions that talk about trash. maybe you can put up a sign saying, "please respect the neighbors." hopefully, people will comply by that. but beyond a couple of block radiuses, we cannot dictate what people's behavior is a joy to be. i am not sure there is -- why there is an insinuation that people who frequent this restaurant would be more inclined to do so in the neighborhood. there are conditions here that relate to trash. i think they are the same conditions we impose on every other business. there is a community liaison condition here. perhaps mr. agoyo. this business is not based here. maybe you could make sure there is an active liaison with this business. there are some submission
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hirings. i know that city college has been working. there are some community groups -- there are going to be jobs provided. it may not be the jobs everybody would want to do, but for some people is going to be a decent job. hopefully, you will have decent conditions and dental will be taken into consideration. but there is noise control. these are standard conditions. we do spend a year monitoring, which is not uncommon. i do support that, and the other conditions we have discussed. i trust they will do the best to run a respectable business that people in the community can afford to go to. the can enjoy it with their families. there is no alcohol. now that you have enclosed the patio, hopefully the adjacent neighbors will have less of an
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impact. what i have heard is that you have made an effort although maybe the of which took longer -- maybe the out reach took longer. given the condition of the block, that there is no activity and it has been vacant for a year, this might be an active use that i think could be a positive thing for that block on some levels. commissioner antonini: thank you. just to elaborate a little bit, as was pointed out, no one has hit the fact that this is a formula retail. many things are for miller retail and are very desirable. it does replace what was for miller retell there before, a payless shoe store -- what was formula retail before, a payless
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shoe store. this is what we consider a full- service restaurant, not fast food. it would be considered a restaurant under the new definitions, as opposed to the way we are changing now. let me ask, if i can just go over what i understand to be the conditions. we could just make sure that everything is -- there is a one- year informational report that is going to be brought back by planning staff to the commission, which is often standard. also there is going to be, and we are starting to get into some dbi issues -- the final plans are going to be routed back to planning staff for consistency. we also talked about the roof composition and form, with some kind of an earth color. it will blend in as much as
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possible. the windows and skylights will be closed. and there was talk about the fact that this -- again, this will get into dbi areas. the final plans will be on file for perusal of the neighbors and others as they are brought together, which i think is standard operating procedure. >> that is not the responsibility of the project sponsor. commissioner antonini: that is a staff issue. but i wanted to make it clear so we know, as you pointed out, and that it will eventually go to dbi to have those available. that is my understanding of the conditions in addition to what the motion originally was. >> the only others i had written down was what i thought was a great idea president olague had.
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if the project sponsor would consider this potential community liaison at the local level, i think a person of that stature would be tremendous. also, age same respect your neighbors -- signs saying, "respecter neighbors." -- respect your neigbors." commissioner antonini: that would be all right with me. president olague: i think they will, but that is a courtesy. commissioner sugaya: i do not think it is necessary, but if the commission wants it. commissioner antonini: i don't think it needs to be a condition, just a suggestion. commissioner sugaya: just to clarify the building department plan stuff, i guess diego was
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making the suggestion that there would be some notification when the plans for first submitted to dbi. is that correct? >> would be rerouted after going through all of the stations. commissioner sugaya: then you would invite the neighbors. but they can also monitor when the plans are submitted. >> yes. we have a public online tracking system. commissioner sugaya: ok. >> commissioners, the motion on the floor for approval with conditions as staff has proposed them, with the added condition that the windows and skylights will not be openable, that the roof color will be some sort of earth tone, that after all of
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the various stations of review and approval that it be rerouted back to the staff planner, who will hold them for not more than 15 days, and will notify the interested party that they are there. they can come in and review the plans. eric -- president olague: you cannot put that in the motion. >> a suggestion that there be some kind of liaison and some signs couple up to have the patrons respect the neighbors. commissioner antonini: that is not a condition. >> not a condition, but a suggestion.
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the project sponsor could inform their neighbors to expect it. on that motion -- commissioner anton commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner moore: aye. president olague: aye. >> the motion passed unanimously. you are now on item 16, case for 897 hyede street. >> eric hollister, department's staff. it is a request to install a wireless tel commissions facility -- telecommunications facility operated by at&t. it would consist of nine
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penthouse-mounted antenna is, screened from view by the privacy screen. equipment cabinets would be located in an internal storage room. according to setting guidelines -- siting guidelines, it is a preferred location. since materials were distributed, the department has received reports in support and opposition to the project. i have a couple of copies. concern was basically surrounding rf exposure. the department of public health has determined that the parameters of public exposure are met. after analyzing all aspects of the project, it appears to be desirable and compatible with
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the neighborhood. the wireless facility would allow expansion of the wireless network coverage, consistent with setting guidelines -- siting guidelines. when viewed from public rights of way, it would avoid disruption of the architectural integrity of the building as well as the surrounding neighborhood. this concludes my presentation. president olague: thank you. project sponsor. >> good afternoon. i represent at&t. we are here for this conditional use permit application. i am here today with our outside consulting engineer, who conducted the radiofrequency
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records -- reports to see in your factory. a lot to begin by thanking mr. hollister and the planning department's staff for helping to design the location of this facility to be best compatible with the neighborhood. the market area continues to see an increase in data traffic as devices become more and more sophisticated. at&t has seen an almost 2000% growth over the last 14 quarters. we expect that to continue. this is for coverage and capacity. the letter from our general counsel dated may 24 illustrates the significant service gap in the area surrounding the proposed site. it is consistent with the complete and accurate information your staff relied on to make their decision may 19,
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when they recommended approval. again, we want to thank mr. hollister and the planning department's staff for their help, hard work, and support in designing the site so it does meet with the needs of the neighborhood. president olague: i would like to open it for public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner moore:-- vice president miguel: move approval. commissioner antonini: second. president olague: call the question. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner fong: aye. >> commissioner sugaya has stepped out. you are now at general public comment. president olague: is there any general public comment on items
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that were not on the agenda? seeing none, the meeting is adjourned. vice president miguel: if i can ask everyone to come over here for a
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